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Beer Label Glare AffenKönig Hopfenweisse Beer Bottle
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AffenKönig Hopfenweisse

Like any classic hefeweizen, half of our grist is pilsner malt and half is wheat, but we use twice as much grain to create the sweet flavor profile. Lots of German hops to balance the beer out, and a yeast strain from the oldest brewery in the world fermented at cooler temperatures produces AffenKönig’s signature flavor.

Meet The Artist Ric Stultz

Ric Stultz draws and paints daily in his Milwaukee studio. His bright colors and pop culture imagery are built from a childhood steeped in cartoons, video games, and comic books. Incorporating adult interests in graphic design, illustration, and fine art, Ric's work willfully evades easy categorization. Commercially his images have been used by dozens of clients, including Nike and MTV. His paintings have been exhibited widely, including group shows in New York, Los Angeles, and London.

Learn more about Ric Stultz by visiting the official artist website below. Read More.