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Lightning Bug Stout

Hidden beneath the daffodils, the night creatures emerge while Lightning Bug illuminates the pages of Bunny’s favorite bedtime story. A smooth stout with roasty chocolate notes and subtle hints of dark dried fruit make Lightning Bug Night Light a perfect, chest warming nightcap to share with your circle of friends.

Meet The Artist Katie Gamb

Katie Gamb is an illustrator living and painting in a small, cozy corner of Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her partner, Dave, and a horrible/wonderful cat, Edie Sedgewick.

Her love of narrative and the natural world informs her artwork, which is strongly influenced by the fairy tales she immersed herself in as a shy, bookish child, as well as the forests she wandered growing up in the rural Midwest. She particularly enjoyed studying tiny worlds that often went unnoticed, and creating backstories and personalities for the little creatures she came across.

Learn more about Katie Gamb by visiting the official artist website below. Read More.