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Hirschgarten: the World’s Largest Beer Garden +

Today was my last full day in Munich. I wanted to experience a few of my favorite things one last time.

I had a late breakfast of curry noodles and chicken at Quán Senbefore heading over to the San Francisco Coffee Company to do some blogging. I stopped at the Hauptbahnhof to have a cranberry smoothie at the Chiquita Fruit Bar and pay $1.50 to pee. Then I did my favorite walk in Munich from the train station to Marianplatz. After tripping over tourists, and watching lunatics shove pamphlets about terrorism into the faces of Muslim families in Karlsplatz, I finally got to Marianplatz only to discover the second Vegan Fest in two months was going on. I thought I would stop at the Andechser am Dom for one last meal and a beer, but it was super crowded so I decided to head over to Hirschgarten.

Hirschgarten is the largest beer garden in the world, and can accommodate 8000 people. It's kinda like if Lake Park in Milwaukee got rid of the golf course and put in a HUGE beer garden and a pen of deer and goats. I'd never been there and wanted to check it out before I left town. It's actually a LOT less impressive than it sounds. The park is really nice, but the beer garden is pretty trashy and the food was expensive and mediocre. It's probably a lot of fun on a gorgeous summer day when it's packed with people, but like the rest of my two months in Munich (other than two days) it was cloudy and about to rain any second.

I had a pretty big meal of a 1/2 duck with dumplings and blaukraut. For dessert I had these apple slices wrapped in dough, deep fried, and served with ice cream. One of the apple donuts actually looked like a cartoon pig oinking up at me, so I only had a few bites, paid my check, peeded on a urinal that was a whole wall, and headed home.

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